Skulpture gets polished progress bar

The latest 0.1.9 snapshot improves the appearance of ProgressBar widgets. Here is a list of changes:

  • the floating gradient looks cleaner
  • animation speed and chunk size do no longer depend on widget size
  • text is rendered with the correct foreground colors, ensuring it is readable with all color schemes
  • rendering should be faster, because it no longer uses radial gradients
  • the vertical progress bar text rendering has been fixed

Additionally, the progress bar code has been heavily refactored to make it easy to add caching and new features in the future. Due to these changes there are some regressions that should not remain unmentioned:

  • the busy indicator does currently not float towards the center, but floats to the left
  • small progress bars do no longer have the circled look

As always, testing and feedback is appreciated. Download link:
(or newer)

Skulpture New ProgressBar

2 thoughts on “Skulpture gets polished progress bar”

  1. Hi, love the theme, thank you very much.

    A few hints if I may:
    a) please, please provide a way for “uniform width” buttons. (eg. grow the buttons by delta (~50px?) with a sane minimum.
    b) consider making the scrollbar and the up/down buttons in edit box a part of the backgound of the control. Eg. use the same background color and for the scrollbar drop the scroll line?

    Just a few things to experiment with. Bye

  2. Hi miro, thanks for your comment. The “uniform width” buttons _should_ work already, but the effect may depend on font size. Please try if it is any better. Regarding more coloring options: These are planned for future versions. The 0.2 version will focus on layout configuration (sizes and spacing), because this was the most requested feature.

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