Skulpture adds layout configuration

The latest 0.1.9 snapshot adds options to configure the layout of widgets. Two common layout properties are supported: sizes of elements, and spacing between elements.

For now, the size of following widgets can be customized:

  • fields (LineEdit, SpinBox, ComboBox, ProgressBar)
  • buttons (PushButton, ToolButton)
  • slider thickness (ScrollBar, Slider)
  • menus (MenuBar, MenuItem)

Additionally, horizontal and vertical spacing, as well as layout margins (for dialogs and groups) can be changed. Unfortunately, not many applications respect the style’s metric values. One aim for this release is to raise awarness of these values, and hopefully the situation improves as time passes.

The screenshot shows a very “compact” layout. Though not visually attractive, it is useful for small sized screens, such as those of popular netbooks.

Please test this new version, and give feedback. I consider this a release candidate for 0.2.0, so if you think this is not ready for the masses, please contact me. Download link:
skulpture- (or newer)

Skulpture Compact Layout

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