Domino (window decoration) ported to KDE 4

Domino is a nice widget style and window decoration client for KDE 3, written by Michael Lentner. You can find it on

After porting deKorator, I revisited the Domino sources, and did a quick port of the Domino KWin window decoration client to KDE 4.

This version needs Qt3Support libraries and issues dozen of warnings during build, but it seems to work.

The Domino widget style has not been ported, please do not ask me about it.

Happy Christmas holidays!

Download link:


Skulpture 0.2.1 released

The first update to the second alpha version of Skulpture is available! This version fixes some bugs that have been reported (one of them could cause applications to crash, so please update), and adds some configuration options (see previous posts).

The coloring of Dolphin 4.1 space gauge has been removed, because it does no longer work with 4.2 anyway. To polish Dolphin further, I finally added the option to make the places panel transparent.

Also I was going to add an option that forces spacing and margin values, because KDE dialogs do not respect the style values. This did not work well, so I pulled that option out of the configuration dialog. I fixed KDialog in trunk, so it will work a bit better with KDE 4.2.

In the meantime, you can enable it by adding the following to ~/.config/SkulptureStyle.ini:


NOTE: Unfortunately, this version broke KDE 4.0 compatibility. You need KDE 4.1.1 (and Qt 4.4) to build with KDE extensions (decoration and configuration dialog). If you want to build for KDE 4.0 and/or Qt 4.3, you need to compile without KDE.

Download link:

Note to packagers: Skulpture 0.2.1

For Skulpture 0.2.1, two new files need to be packaged together with Skulpture. The two files are:

  • {KDE4_SHARE}/apps/skulpture/pics/skulpture.png
  • {KDE4_SHARE}/apps/skulpture/skulptureui.rc

Both files are contained in the archive starting with the snapshot.

The PNG file is the icon shown in the “about” dialog, and the RC file is used for the preview window, which is now a KDE XML gui window.

Please prepare and test build scripts for this change.

Download link:

Skulpture gets more options

The latest snapshot improves configurability of Skulpture. Among the added options are:

  • configurable slider length and scroll bar arrow positions
  • tab bar size can be changed independent of button size
  • adjusting vertical text shift is now also possible for the window titles
  • window titles can be centered or right-aligned

If you wonder about the small archive size: much of the code for the preview window had been deleted; it now uses KDE UI functions.

Additionally, the symbols in systemsettings now use standard icon sizes to avoid scaled (blurry) symbols.

If you find more bugs, or have more suggestions, please give feedback. I am really disappointed about the lack of comments since the 0.2.0 release.

Download link:

Skulpture with customized arrow positions