Skulpture 0.2.2 released

The second update to Skulpture 0.2 is available! Besides the broken arrow configuration with e.g. german locales in 0.2.1, this version also fixes two bugs known since 0.2.0. Additionally, more configuration options have been added (again).

This time the focus was two-folded: First, the window decoration got more options. The title size, the side borders, and the bottom border are now configurable separately. Previous versions used fixed size button symbols, while the new version adapts the size to the title bar’s font size. This means you may have to adjust the symbol sizes to get the same symbols as in previous versions.

The second focus was to address the submenu delay problem in Qt 4, which is especially visible for tablet/pen users. A workaround for KDE bug #167488 has been added to Skulpture. Together with the configurable delay, this makes the KDE 4 users experience one step forward to KDE 3.

More polishing could only be done thanks to nitpicking bug reports of snapshot testers. I hope I did not miss anything 🙂

Because the next version of Skulpture (0.3) will be some months away, I am going to write about some hidden gems in Skulpture 0.2 in the meantime.

Download link: