Hello Planet!

The planetkde bot was very eager to see what’s there to get, and found a two day old post of mine. “Nevermind”, he thought, “just aggregate it!” … without giving me a chance to introduce myself, so I will now make up for that.

Some of you may know me as “kdepepo” on freenode, that quiet lurker on #kde-cafe and other KDE and openSUSE related channels. Being a teacher, I like to help others, so I sometimes help answering questions regarding C++ Qt programming on #qt.

Others may know me as “skulptor”, because of my work on Skulpture. Or you may have seen me as “cfeck”, as a irregular committer to KDE svn, currently trying to improve Moty’s deKorator window theming engine.

But all of my friends know me as “Christoph”, and if you want, just call me this way.

In this spirit: Hello Planet!

3 thoughts on “Hello Planet!”

  1. Hey Christopher, welcome to the planet! Im a huge fan of skulpture and look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. I like your blog title!
    I interpret it as a statement against “cloud computing”, giving up control over your own data to big organizations to squeeze the last penny out of it…

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