Skulpture 0.2.3 released

Skulpture is a GUI widget style for KDE 4 featuring a classical three dimensional look with shadows and smooth gradients. Included is a matching window decoration for KDE 4. If you are looking for a matching Plasma theme, I highly recommend Atelier.

Despite the lack of time to work on Skulpture, I managed to get a small release out the door. This version only fixes a few small bugs in the widget style; the window decoration is unchanged.

Regarding the future of Skulpture, I have many plans, but not much time. The few hours I could spent went directly into KDE bug fixing, as I plan to make the switch to KDE 4. But you can keep me motivated by reporting bugs or suggestions 🙂

Download link:

A note to packagers: If you have build scripts that fetch the source from a web address, please do not use the address, but use$VERSION.tar.bz2; I keep an archive of released versions (currently 0.1.3 and 0.2.x) there. This avoids breaks of build scripts on version updates.

KDE4 Skulpture Style


3 thoughts on “Skulpture 0.2.3 released”

  1. I am using this theme for some time and find it cool.

    I wish it would be included in the kde svn.

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