Skulpture 0.2.4 released

Just in time with the KDE SC 4.4 release, I was able to get out another release of Skulpture, my favorite widget style. The list of fixes is quite long again, partly because Qt 4.6 required some adaptions. The most annoying bug, the Tab key handling in Konversation, has finally been fixed. Two other bugs could cause crashes, so you are advised to update.

Source code and packages for all major distributions are available for download from the site. Note that these packages are not official; you should switch to distribution packages once they are available.

Skulpture Demo

3 thoughts on “Skulpture 0.2.4 released”

  1. ahh, thanks for the update – this fixes the annoying dolphin crashes in kde 4.4.

    it’s a beautiful theme, thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Skulptor.

    Because there is no other way to contact you – maybe my searching was not enough good… 🙂 – I’m sending my request and question here. Hope, you don’t mind?

    As Skulpture is my favourite KDE & kwin style and there is no gtk-qt-engine package any more: because of world amok for oxygen style and from the moment when gtk2-engines-oxygen was “invented”, there is no more gtk-qt-engine, which made possible to change the view of gtk programs under KDE. Now, when I would like have gtk programs “skulptured”, I have no any possibility, so I have to use old-fashined “qtcurve”, which is far far away behind your skulpture style.

    So, the question is: would it be possible that you make gtk-engine-skulpture? PLEASEEE!!! If I was able I would do it myself, but – unfortunately – I’m just a simple user of linux…

    Thanks a lot in advance & lots of greets form a Polish Linux user & Skulpture fan.

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