Emerald window decoration themes on KDE

Today I released the initial version of Smaragd, a themable window decoration engine that allows you to use Compiz/Beryl Emerald themes together with the KDE window manager KWin.

This version is not yet ready for production use (there are no shadows and theme installation has to be done manually), but you can already start choosing your favorite theme out of over 1500 available Emerald themes.

For details, see http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/?content=125162


6 thoughts on “Emerald window decoration themes on KDE”

  1. wow.. thanks for this.. was expecting something like this for a long time… 🙂

  2. The naming idea is great, but I don’t simply like how “Smaragd” sounds. I recall almost instantly Sméagol. I like better the Spanish word (Esmeralda), it’s a lot more beautiful and there are indeed some beautiful ladies with that name.

    But this is awesome. That is the only critic I could have done: this and the perfection of Flash acceleration & composition under KWin is a serious blow for Compiz.

  3. I have liked many Emerald decorations but I have always hated the window manager. Now if I can use KWin but have the decorations, it would be just perfect.

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