The Bug of the Month

The KDE Gardening Team had the idea to nominate one particular annoying bug as “The Bug of the Month”. While we have literally hundreds of bugs that would qualify, only one bug per month gets nominated.

To get the initiative going, I took the liberty to select the first “Bug of the Month”:
it is Bug 324975: Volume gets restored to 100% after each knotify event.

Reasons for the nomination:

  • the bug affects practically all users, because notifications are not only used by many KDE applications, but also by the KDE Workspaces itself,
  • the bug is severe, as it can damage hardware and ears in extreme cases,
  • the bug is annoying, which was also measured by the rapid growth of votes and comments,
  • the bug seems fixable, we just did not find someone who was able to do it.

If you are able to fix it, you will receive a honorable mention in the next issue of my blog post “The Bug of the Month” on Planet KDE.

We do not have a knotify maintainer. If the issue is in knotify, please suggest a patch with anything that fixes it and create a review request at and paste the link here. If the issue is in Phonon, its backends, in gstreamer, VLC, pulseaudio, or ALSA, please suggest a patch there.

Not all developers that would be able to fix it are subscribed to this bug. If you know someone, feel free to point him here.

If we receive multiple patches, we will have to decide which of them is best suited, and nominate one of them for the fix.