December Bug of the Month

The KDE Gardening Team selected the December “Bug of the Month”.

It is Bug 288410: KDE daemon kded4 crashes on wake up (related to power/battery change)

Reasons for the nomination:

  • the bug is one of the most reported crashes in our bug tracker,
  • a defunct kded4 process can cause several other issues,
  • it is annoying to restart the desktop just after a wake up,
  • getting a crash dialog when the laptop wakes up makes bad publicity,
  • it might be fixable, it looks like an access to a stale object pointer.

If you are able to fix it, you will receive a honorable mention in the next issue of my blog post “The Bug of the Month” on Planet KDE.

Not all developers that would be able to fix it are subscribed to this bug. If you know someone, feel free to point him here.