February Bug of the Month

The KDE Gardening Team selected the February “Bug of the Month”. Before announcing it, let me write about other bugs that got resolved recently.

First, our January bug (Bug 271934, kded4 memory leak) has been investigated and resolved by Max A. Dednev. He identified excess reference counting in the underlying PolicyKit package, and proposed a patch upstream. While Max uses KDE software since the very early KDE 3 releases, and also works as a developer for Astra Linux, this was his first contribution to the open source communities. Thanks Max!

Let me mention three other bugs, all of them very high on the list of possible candidates for the election as the next Bug of the Month, out of the literally hundreds that are resolved each month:

  • Bug 245482 (Trash has reached maximum size) was resolved by David Faure. An update to the freedesktop.org Trash specification was required to fix it.
  • Bug 340202 (ksnapshot captures itself) was identified as a regression in the xorg-intel video drivers.
  • Bug 328014 (printer-manager password prompt stuck) was resolved by Wolfgang Bauer from the openSUSE KDE team.

But now to the bug for February. This time, a keyboard usability bug was selected.
It is Bug 309193: Keyboard shortcuts do not work with certain layout order

Reasons for the nomination:

  • not being able to invoke keyboard shortcuts is a blocker for usability,
  • most (if not all) KDE developers use a single keyboard layout, so there is little chance that any of them runs into it,
  • it is still unclear whether the bug is in KDE software or underlying components, such as the Qt library, the xorg input layer, or in the keyboard layout definition files,
  • actually, it is very unclear which combination of components and configuration files triggers the bug,
  • the nomination was also dedicated to Max A. Dednev, in the hope that we can attract more developers from countries with non-latin keyboard layouts.

If you are able to fix it, you will receive a honorable mention in the next issue of my blog post “The Bug of the Month” on Planet KDE.

Not all developers that would be able to fix it are subscribed to this bug. If you know someone, feel free to point them here.


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