KF5 Applications Porting

Next week, KDE developers will release the beta of KDE Applications 17.08. This release will again have more applications and nearly all games ported to Qt5/KF5. While Qt4 is already no longer supported for over a year, KDE has decided to support Qt4/kdelibs4-based applications a bit longer.

The 17.08 release, however, will be the last to include Qt4/kdelibs4-based applications. This means, 17.12 will only include applications that are based on Qt5/KF5. See this mailing list discussion.

We hope to find more contributors who help porting the remaining applications. Instructions are on community.kde.org. Ask for help in our developer forum, mailing list, or IRC channel. You do not need git commit rights; you can add a patch/diff via Phabricator.

Porting Status

There used to be an automatically updated porting status page. Sadly the machine that created it stopped working because of a hardware failure; its DIMM simply died.

This week, I had the chance to run its script over a checkout of nearly all KDE repositories from cgit.kde.org. Unfortunately, the repository layout is not nicely structured into directories, and includes many unmaintained and playground repositories, but maybe it is still useful.

See http://imagezero.maxiom.de/files/portingstatus.html.

For contributors helping to get it more green, there is also a shorter version that omits all-green repositories, see portingstatus-todo.html.


8 thoughts on “KF5 Applications Porting”

  1. Hello people (especially coming here from some specific news site which talks incorrectly about “KDE Components – there is no such thing).

    The information reported above are all about the applications developed by the KDE community and shipped as part of the bundle known as “KDE Applications”.
    Only exception: the “porting status” page, which lists also applications not part of “KDE Applications”

  2. Leslie, Amarok is not part of KDE Applications.
    There is ongoing work for Kopete (and 2 Google Summer of Code’ students).

    Let’s talk about KSCD? 🙂

  3. tosky, OK, I am maintaining kscd now 🙂

    But what about amarok? It was my only music player when I was a university CS student, it was my only friend when I prepared the boring GRE verbose…

  4. Leslie, of course you can also help with the Amarok port, but in this case, you should contact the Amarok developers, because Amarok is not maintained by KDE Applications developers.

  5. tosky, I found you fixed some issues for kscd kf5 branch https://github.com/KDE/kscd/commits/kf5 is there any none migration left? I can built it:

    cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr \

    but I don’t have REAL plugable CD/DVD driver, or Audio CD, but simulator CDEmu instead, please test it with REAL stuff, thanks! if everything is ready, we can ask for release https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/release-team/

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