Skulpture gets new check box artwork

The latest 0.1.9 snapshot adds new artwork for CheckBox and RadioButton widgets. The new design fixes minor inconsistencies between the two and adapts better to different sizes. The marks are cleaner and rendered with the correct foreground colors, making them better readable on dark color schemes. I would like to hear your opinion, so please try the snapshot and give feedback.
New Skulpture CheckBox/RadioButton artwork

deKorator ported to KDE 4

deKorator is a native themable window decoration engine for KDE 3, written by Moty Rahamim. You can find a KDE 4 port on The port is also available in KDE’s subversion repository, in playground/artwork. The KDE 4 port is now free of Qt 3 and KDE 3 support dependency. Please test it and report bugs and suggestions.