January Bug of the Month

The KDE Gardening Team selected the January “Bug of the Month”. Before announcing it, let me write more about this initiative.

When I blogged about the nomination of the first bug, I probably left the impression that each bug is to be resolved in a time frame of one month. The bugs that get selected are often unresolved for a long time, and solving them might overlap with the announcement of the next bugs, so some patience is needed. But I have good news!

The first bug (Bug 324975: Volume gets restored to 100% after each knotify event) has been resolved thanks to the work of Albert Astals Cid. Because of translation changes, the fix will be available in the next KDE Applications release in April.

Regarding the second bug (Bug 288410: KDE daemon kded4 crashes on wake up), we already have a patch to test. There are packages available for openSUSE and Kubuntu, and Fedora packages are being prepared. Please check the recents comments in the bug report and give feedback.

But now to the bug for January. This time, a memory leak was selected.
It is Bug 271934: KDE daemon kded4 grows on memory usage

Reasons for the nomination:

  • the bug is the most reported memory leak in our bug tracker,
  • some people reported growth rates beyond megabytes per minute,
  • having to restart just to keep a low memory usage is annoying,
  • there was growing interest recently (raising CC list size),
  • getting more developers to try Milian’s new heaptrack tool.

If you are able to fix it, you will receive a honorable mention in the next issue of my blog post “The Bug of the Month” on Planet KDE.

Not all developers that would be able to fix it are subscribed to this bug. If you know someone, feel free to point them here.


2 thoughts on “January Bug of the Month”

  1. kded4 memory leak was a great choice! I hope the suggested patch will fix the very same situation with kded5. Unfortunately, it also has the “ability” to eat up to 5-600 MB of memory.

    Thank you and have a good bug-hunt :).

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