Spot the difference!

Can you spot the difference?

Exercise 1: Snapshot (easy)
Exercise 2: Snapshot (medium)
Exercise 3: Snapshot (hard)

The screen shots show some progress of my work for KDE 4.4. Yes, I know, KDE 4.3 is not even released, and I am already talking about KDE 4.4 šŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Spot the difference!”

  1. For number 3, that’s a great feature, thank you very much for implementing it. It is not rare that size n is too small and size n+1 is too large.

  2. Nice. I think I got them. The first seems to be the hardest, if only because I probably see it the least.

    1: better view of schemes
    2: 10.0 for point sizes
    3: is that a plasmoid for a clock?

  3. @MathStuf, it is not really a plasmoid, it just uses the Plasma theme for rendering the clock.

  4. looking really rather nice! :))

    can’t wait until we have the plasma background settings dialog re-worked too… 4.4 is going to rock šŸ™‚

  5. Here are the answers to the exercises:

    * clock uses Plasma theme
    * date table has Oxygen selection/hovering, uses KColorScheme colors
    * scheme previews are downscaled versions of a window
    * list has multiple columns
    * new support for floating point font sizes
    * fixed background color in preview

    The code for #2 is not yet committed to trunk, it needs some cleanup first.

    Regarding #3, if you run current trunk please test which applications fail to support fractional font sizes. Also check which applications fail to respect the new icon size settings for “Small” and “Dialog” icons. Report them with [UI] added to the bug title to

  6. There is something wrong, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Take the font setting screen shot – shouldn’t the settings be more human: like having a dozen samples to pick from with size (bigger/smaller) and weight (heavier/lighter) modifiers rather than the robotic setting each parameter. Perhaps more like the “Color settings” panel. Also, a (Default) button to set it to something sensible. Are the OK and Cancel swapped?

    Color settings – again more human, have a colour wheel control that allows you to choose a scheme that is more blue/violet or red, that is lighter or darker, that is more saturated or pastel.

    Date and time settings – why not assume a GPS co-ordinates are available (or the user sets them by pointing at a map or text boxes) and default the timezone automatically. Why not have (five) continent, east and west buttons to move timezone. Why not assume network time and allow the user to ignore or correct the time.

  7. Thank you so much! These are really nice changes which will add to the polish of KDE. A few more of these and 4.4 will look infinitely better than KDE ever did without anyone really being able to point out why. šŸ˜›

    And special thanks for the third patch. I have been looking forward to this for a while and was very excited when you (at least I think it was you) offered to do something about it on BKO. Glad to see it is materializing. šŸ™‚


  8. Thank for the KDateTable fixes, they’ve been on my TODO for a while. Just wondering if you took Usability and Accessibility into account with the colour choices?

    As for automated Timezone setting based on location, well we need the location-aware stack to become available first, I see that as a KDE4.5 thing myself.

  9. @klebezettel: Not only below.. Top window has wider borders than underlying one. It will be nicer to have consistent borders (narrower ones or adjustable). I don’t like wasteful use of space šŸ™‚

  10. @purple-bobby, thanks for your ideas. The button order depends on the used session. If you run it under GNOME, the buttons are reversed.

    @klebezettel, yes, that’s a problem with the Oxygen window decoration. Also the top level window margin for Oxygen style is way too big, IMHO. Luckily, there are styles where the margins are configurable šŸ˜‰

    @John, the actual color choices are made by the user, that’s the whole idea of KColorScheme. There is an issue that it does not use the “active text on selection” color for the selected current day, but I have already fixed that on my local copy. If you find other issues, let me know.

  11. It’s always great to see what you’re working on in KDE. Your attention to detail is fantastic and I’m sooo grateful to see it manifest as it has so many times. Thanks for your contributions to KDE. I can’t imagine KDE would be the same without them.

    much respect!

    P.S. The more I work on different KDE apps that use the many different available widgets, the more I realize just how well implemented Skulpture is. It is simply the most complete, least buggy widget style for KDE at the moment. It is the only style for which I’ve never had to use work-arounds to ensure my app doesn’t look wierd (especially QToolbox).

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